In 1863, Anthony HARDY, a London importer and aesthete, moved to Cognac, the better to control his supplies of high quality spirits. He established strong bonds of friendship and respect with every personal encounter. The road was not an easy one. Already at the end of the 19th century, Anthony HARDY faced ultra-protectionism in his home country and the original market, Great Britain, threatening to ruin years of hard work. Wars and revolutions took their toll. In 1945 Jacques A. HARDY, Anthony's great grandson and the current chairman, took up the reins and breathed new life into its development. Today, maintaining the network of foreign customers with traditional HARDY humor, Jacques is ably assisted by the active presence and savoir-faire of the rest of the family, equally skilled.

Explore A.Hardy's fine Cognac & Spirits, Aged to Perfection and taste from the finest cognac houses for discriminating connoisseurs the world over.

Hardy Red Corner Fine Cognac VS – aged at least three years; very dark caramel-colored VS; floral, fruity aroma (raisins, banana, violets); winy and chocolaty on the palate.

Hardy Black Corner Fine Champagne VSOP – aged at least eight years; amiable aroma of nuts, honey, and chocolate accented by notes of tobacco, flowers, and spices; round and smooth.

Hardy Champagne XO – aged at least twenty-five years; a delicately proportioned, elegant distillate develops complex aroma: at first mineral, then evolving into a summery floral bouquet with a touch of fruit; spicy and dry at the finish.

Hardy Napoleon - A blend of Grande, Petite and Borderies Cognacs. Aromas of nuts and honey. Sweet chocolate covered cherries and oak, compliments each other admirably well. Mellows out into a caramel cherry taste thats delightful. In a blind tasting conducted by the Beverage Tasting Institute, Hardy Napoleon was rated No. 1 and outscored the competition for quality. Aged a minimum of 15 years in limousin oak.

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