Since 1862, the numerous lovers of Cognac Meukow from all four corners of the world have appreciated its superb quality with full aromas, offering at the same time : strength, elegance and suppleness, the foremost virtues of the true cognac.

The history of Cognac Meukow begins in the time of Tsars. Auguste-Christophe and Gustav Meukow who were originally from Sylesia, were the official wine suppliers for the Russian Tsar. They persuaded the Tsar that they had to settle in Cognac to get the opportunity to select the best growths. As an exceptional favour, they were granted that very special assignment. Therefore the house ' A.C.MEUKOW ' was born on the 1st of August 1862.

In 1979, the company ' A.C.MEUKOW&Co ' was bought out by Michel Coste, founder of the C.C.G. group, who has created the famous feline line characterizing the style of Meukow cognac as ' elegant and dominant together '. View my Meukow collection

In our collection you can find the following types of Meukow Cognac:

Meukow 3 star 50ml, bottled in 1960s
Meukow 3 star 50ml, bottled in 1960s

A new product, a new Feline decanter: the Black Panther. This V.S. is blended with a high percentage of old cognacs and offers fuller aromas than an other VS qualities. The avarage tasting age is 6 years. It is available in bottles of 20, 35, 70 and 300cl, with or without gift-box.

VS Vanilla
Meukow VS Vanilla is the subtle and unique blend of Meukow Cognac and Vanilla natural flavors. This successful marriage shows how vanilla, which is yet naturally present in the cognac after it has been ageing in oak wood barrels for a long time can create a new sensation when it becomes dominant. The aromas harmony shows the perfect balance in between the Cognac - Long and Delicate - and the Vanilla - Silky and Powerful - delivering a sinfully irresistible and seductively smooth taste.
Awarded BRANDS OF THE YEAR 2003 by Drinks International Magazine.

V.S.O.P. Superior
This V.S.O.P. is one of the best in its category and contains older cognacs than a regular V.S.O.P. The ' crystal clear ' decanter is a pure presentation, symbolizing the quality of this cognac. The average tasting age is 12 years. It is available in bottles of 5, 20, 35, 70 and 300cl, with or without a gift-box and also in combination with Meukow glasses.


Awarded the best VSOP cognac and awarded the best cognac in all categories at the International Wine and Spirit Competition - London 2004

The Feline motif remains transparent in the frosted glass, and expresses a delicate and powerfull flavour. This Napoléon is blended with Petite and Grande Champagne and Fins Bois. The avarage tasting age is 15 years. It is available in bottles of 5 and 70 cl, with or without gift-box.

The best quality, a Feline in 24K gold painted. This X.O. is both ardent and delicate, with full aromas. The blend only contains Petite and Grande Champagne, the best crus of the Cognac limited area. The avarage tasting age is 20/25 years. It is available in bottles of 5, 35, 70 and 300cl, with or without a gift-box and also combination with Meukow glasses.

Meukow "90"
At 45% alcohol by volume (90 proof), Meukow 90 is extremely smooth yet powerful. Very contemporary, Meukow 90 is proof tradition may also be beautifully expressed through innovation.

Meukow Extra

Directly born in our Paradis, Meukow Extra reveals the magnificence of numerous old and complex "Eaux-de-Vie" brought to their peak by the expertise of our Cellar Master.
Appearance: Beautiful mahogany very clear colour, brilliant with gold tints.
Head: Fruity with candied fruits and vanilla aromas.
Heart: Strong leather notes, dark chocolate and walnut
Background: Truffle and harmonious tannins.

a limited exclusive product in the Meukow gamma . Every year there are only 600 bottles produced. It is available in a bottle of 70cl in a wooden case.

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